Marc has always shown a keen interest for the arts.  After his studies at Ottawa University, Sherbrooke University and Iowa State University, he pursued a successful career as an economist in Montreal.

On both personal and career levels, Marc is known as a true humanist.  Attracted by forms and colors, he created a universal "personnage", makes it evolve/move, allowing him to express his sensitivity to emotion and human relations.

His themes, rather happy, portray mainly love, friendship and complicity.  Therefore, we see couples, groups of friends, family gathering,  colleagues and couples....couples....and still more couples.....

Marc is self-taught and it is through research, workshops, trips and meetings with great artists that he pursues his development.

Marc is an international painter.  His paintings are seen in many  private and corporate collections in Canada, England, France, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain,U.S.A,

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